Olive oil cake with whipped cream and almonds  9

Poached eggs with herb rice and trout roe 18

Labneh on toast with cucumber, hard egg and anchovy  16

Frittata with serrano ham, pea tendrils and leeks 18

Ras el hanout french toast with hazelnuts and honey 16

Fried chicken with fermented hot chili over yellow grits  21

Spanish tortilla sandwich with pimenton aioli  14

+add chorizo  3

Grassfed lamb burger, mixed greens  16

    +add marinated anchovies  3



Arugula salad with anchovy vinaigrette  9

Grapefruit salad with yogurt and granola  10

Hash browns with paprika and aioli  9

Sourdough bread with ricotta and honey  5

Add an egg  3

Side of chorizo  6