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a store front at day

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A little more information on how this works! 

We're a neighborhood restaurant running a store during these times. We turn our signature style of cooking into prepared food, so you can eat like you're at Hart's-- at home. We also have bottles off our wine list at discounted prices and booze and craft beers.  

You can pre-order to be sure to get what you want, and we recommend it. The online store is live from Monday 12pm - Tuesday 3pm for pick up Wednesday and then again from Thursday 12pm - Friday 3pm for pick up either Saturday or Sunday-- you decide whichever weekend day is best for you.

You can also just come by on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, when we're here at Hart's from 11-4. When you get here there will be fresh, seasonal produce from the farms we work with and the day's sandwich special.

We hope to see you soon. Thank you all!