5th Best New Restaurant in America


5th Best New Restaurant in America


Olives  5

Scallop crudo with cucumbers  15

Cucumbers and new potatoes with creamy dill dressing  12

Fried zucchini with roasted garlic and bottarga  13

Little gem lettuce with tarragon and pistachios  12

Heirloom tomato salad with marinated anchovies  14

Fresh ricotta with marinated eggplant and pizza bianca  15

Clam toast with pancetta  16


Lamb chops with tomato panzanella  30 / 34

Whole fried boston mackerel with braised romano beans and aioli  25

Olive oil poached pollock with rock shrimp, clams and sungolds  26

Grassfed lamb burger, mixed greens  16

+ add marinated anchovies  3


Sourdough bread with olive oil  2


Campari spritz granita  5

Olive oil cake with whipped cream and cherries  9