5th Best New Restaurant in America


5th Best New Restaurant in America


Olives  5

Radishes with tahini yogurt and za'atar  10

Fried soft shell crab with spring onions and aioli  13

Arugula with porcini mushrooms and saba . 16

Roasted asparagus with anchovy breadcrumb salsa  13

Crostino with tuna conserva, purslane and fava leaves  11

Fresh ricotta with ramps, almonds and pizza bianca  14

Clam toast with pancetta  16


Braised spare ribs with tokyo turnips and yogurt  27

Albacore tuna with butter beans, spinach and saffron aioli  25

Scallops with manila clams, salsa verde and ramps  26

Grassfed lamb burger, mixed greens  16

+ add marinated anchovies  3


Sourdough bread with olive oil  2


Olive oil cake with whipped yogurt and rhubarb  9