5th Best New Restaurant in America


5th Best New Restaurant in America

A note from us: We'll be closed for dinner on Sunday, February 4th
for our annual staff dinner party. Thank you for your understanding!


Olives  5

Fried onion fritters with pimenton aioli 12

Romaine hearts with anchovy vinaigrette and bottarga 13

Endive salad with walnuts and moscato vinegar 12

Shaved carrots with watercress and curry dressing 11

Ricotta with marinated beets and hazelnuts 14

Clam toast with pancetta 16


Seafood stew with butter beans and chorizo 24

Spanish mackerel with salsa verde, citrus and tahini 26

Roasted quail with mushrooms and leeks over polenta 25

Grass-fed lamb burger, mixed greens  16

    + add marinated anchovies  3


Sourdough bread with olive oil  2


Olive oil cake with whipped cream, honey and almonds 9