5th Best New Restaurant in America


5th Best New Restaurant in America


Olives  5

Baby squid with dill and cucumber salad 12

Sugar snap and english pea salad with tarragon, pistachio and mint 13

Mussels escabeche with new potatoes and artichokes 14

Roasted broccoli with tonnato dressing and anchovy breadcrumb salsa 13

Arugula salad with serrano ham and grape saba  12

Fresh ricotta with marinated zucchini, almonds and pizza bianca  14

Clam toast with pancetta  16


Bluefish with bean salad and yogurt  25

Pork milanese with escarole and fennel salad  24

Curried seafood rice with white prawns, scallops and mussels  26

Grassfed lamb burger, mixed greens  16

+ add marinated anchovies  3


Sourdough bread with olive oil  2


Olive oil cake with whipped yogurt, strawberries and rhubarb  9

Strawberry popsicle  3