5th Best New Restaurant in America


5th Best New Restaurant in America


Olives  5

Chicken liver toast with saba  11

Fritto misto with aioli and salsa verde 14

Mixed greens with horseradish and mint 12

Olive oil cured sardines with watercress, breadcrumbs and boiled egg 13

Mandarins with tahini, olives and radishes 12

Fresh ricotta with serrano ham, pickled mushrooms and pizza bianca  15

Clam toast with pancetta  16


Braised spare ribs with leeks over polenta  26

Poached pollock with broccoli rabe and green garlic yogurt  25

Wild alaskan coho salmon with potatoes and saffron  24

Grassfed lamb burger, arugula 16

+ add marinated anchovies 3


Sourdough bread with olive oil  2


Olive oil cake with whipped cream, mandarins and hazelnuts  9